so tomorrow is the day.  im a little apprehensive.  ive tried hard not to think about it for a while, but i think its finally starting to creep in.  i was a real shit today.  a real shit.  i was just mean, and i didnt know why.  must be because im nervous.  tonight im not going to bed till around 3 or 4 am.  and im going to be eating right up until 3:59.99.  My surgery is at 2 tomorrow… gotta be at the hospital at 12.  so thats why im going to bed so late, so that hopefully ill sleep in and wont realize my hunger, or that im so fucking nervous.

im nervous.  really starting to freak out here

as long as i think calmly, and realize that this procedure is done many times, in many places, and no one DIES from it, and that the only bad thing that will happen is that i’ll be in lots of pain… ill be pretty cool.  marc will be there with me, and my parents, and the doc is a nice dude… ill be fine.

So… my address if anyone wants to send flowers or cards is:

2643-E Barracks Rd
Charlottesville, Va 22901

Mmmm… i need my fucking valium.  Doc called it into to Barracks Rd CVS yesterday, but havent gotten it yet.  i wonder what it does.  i thought it was a sleepy medicine, but she said it was an anti-anxiety medicine.  mm… dunno.  i’ll write when i feel better guys.  until then… au-revoir!


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