Say you wanna revolution?

Really, this picture says it all regarding how a very large portion of America feels about the Sean Bell verdict.  It shows how people feel.  It also shows how people will react… which will be with temporary activity and anger, followed by incredible inaction. 

The woman is crying.  She wrote this poster hastily, and is mad.  She wants action.  She wants active rebellion and for people to take notice.  However… she is not doing anything but holding a poster.  This is, sadly, the way many people view change and revolution.  They will cry, yell, shout and complain… but effectively wait for someone else to initiate the conflict. 

I agree that something has to be done about this shameful lack of justice… but I know, and have the foresight to realize, that protests rarely work.  You can shout, "1960s civil rights" at me until you are blue in the face, but what did that really accomplish?  Look at today.  A man, who was shot 30+ times while unarmed and very very drunk, died in vain.  His killers, and I'll have you notice that I am not making a judgement on whether the police were provoked or not, got off free.  Without even a manslaughter charge… which by definition is the unintentional act of killing another human being. 

I am saddened by this outcome.  It makes me doubt the justice system, even more so than when I had to deal with that douche of a commonwealth's attorney in C-Ville. 


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