LOLs and Ickyness

First the ickyness just so I can get it out of the way.  This fucker frightens me.  There is no way I could ever even begin to imagine the fear that that woman felt her entire life.  Its horrible, I dont want to read the stories, and yet everyday that something new comes out turns me into one of those shitty people on the highway that just have to slow down to see the disembodied dude in the car after a crash.  Rubbernecker, no?  Anyway… I dont want to click, and yet I find myself clicking away.  At least I havent started checking out and editing the wiki article for it.  That would turn into a nightmare…

And now for LOLs…

Hill friggin larious!  Thanks to M for bringing it to my attention.  Obviously not my own work.  One can find the article it was attached to here.  I didnt start to be an Obama fan until my boy Kucinich dropped out.  And even then, I was for Edwards.  But then he fell by the wayside as well… so now I'm left with O.  I realize I'll likely get flamed for betraying my sex or something, but I dont care.  She's a shrill, evil, manipulative, mad, angry, bitter little swamp sow who should have left her whoring husband.  No, I have nothing against Clinton v1.0 except that he betrayed his wife.  Barring that, fine by me.  But her voice.  Oh my god her voice!  It must be the most annoyingly shrill thing I have ever heard.  I could never image spending 4 to 8 with that coming out of the airwaves.  Of course, I hate her politics as well.  Especially this stupid Gas Tax Holiday thing.  A holiday for the summer would be meh.  And then as soon as Labor Day hit… Skyrocking prices GALORE.  Not so much because of the tax being reinstated, but because the gas companies could raise the price, and we would just assume its due to the tax.  See, I'm not stupid…

Pff… I've even said that I would vote for friggin McCain before Hills, but if push came to shove, I'd probably do it (sell my soul to that crazed woman).  Or vote for myself.  In any case… I think I've made my politics clear.


2 responses to ‘LOLs and Ickyness

  1. “She’s a shrill, evil, manipulative, mad, angry, bitter little swamp sow who should have left her whoring husband.”
    Hahahahahahahahaha!  My sentiments exactly.  What a hag!  I was sort of rootin’ for Edwards too at one point.  I’m not sure about Obama.  He lacks something– experience, but I’m not so sure about him and his ethics or politics.  And, I’m sure as heck not rootin’ for that ‘ol geezer.  What’s his deal anyway?
    I understand your “cancer” here.  I mean, they all kinda suck, you know?


  2. Ick!!  I know, the Australian dungeon man!  I mean, Lordy help us that person is not a person!  He’s not an animal! I can’t even compare him to an inanimate object.  A piece of shit actually– I don’t care who or what’s shit either.  He’s just yucky ‘ol crapola man!


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