Is it just me…

Or is the world ending?

China quake kills 3,000-5,000 in one county

First U.S. aid plane arrives in Myanmar

22 dead in Mo., Okla., Ga. after more storms

I dunno about ya'lls, but I'll be duct tape and saran wrapping my apartment soon… we've overdue for some locust.


In other news, today I have to give a blood sample, tomorrow I have a job fair, Wednesday Marc's got a Doctor's appointment, Thursday we find out why I kill babies, and Friday we go and give blood!  Its a jam packed week full of fun and excitement!  Can you smell the adrenaline? 

I had a great time on Saturday in C-ville.  All those prity pikturz, and fun being out and about in my hometown.  Ma tried to get me to admit that it wasnt my home, and I laughed her off.  The 4 years I spent there were the longest I'd ever lived anywhere.  Period.  Hands down.  And I lived the shit out of that city too!  She was my bitch!  The

downside of our visit?  We found out that Order from Horder was closing.  Horder was a stationary store that was a Downtown Mall staple.  We walked in and saw that they were clearly in their final days.  They were beginning to sell the displays and hooks off the walls.  We ended up buying two very nice pens that the owned sold us for half off.  She remembered our wedding invitations that we'd gotten 2 years ago.  They were very unique, and if I can find a pic right now online, I'll post it.  You'll if I was successful or not.  Obviously I'm not Amver Linnes and M is not Scott Thrun, but you get the idea.  They were pretty special.  My uncle loved them. 

Anyway, Horder's closing makes me sad.  As sad, if not sadder than the Hardware Store closing.  The Hardware store was who we got to cater, where we had our first date, and where the rehersal dinner was held at  In short, that restaurant was pretty significant to us.  Also closing is the Satellite Ballroom, where the Beauz Artz Ball was held one year, Littlejohns, the only place to get a hot sandwhich at 3am, and the Plan Nine that is just as much the Corner as its horrible traffic jams.  What the hell is going on with my city?  Its so sad. 

So, today I'm going to partake in some Sichuan chicken, seeing as how the Sichuan province is how under 5ft of rubble.  Figured I'd show some financial support for my friendly neighborhood chinese food shop. 



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