“The Fat Man Walks Alone…” – Lucas

Yet another beautiful blog title, today brought to you by "Empire Records".  Infact, tomorrow's will be from "Empire" too.  Ooo, theme (half)week!  Yaay!

First, thisAnd just in case you cant follow the linkylink, I have it imbedded into the blog.  Or, if the blog video is no longer working because YouTube is a pansy and took the damn thing down, you can click on the linkylink because Wonkette is no bitch, and she will hold onto that video for dear life looong past the time when everyone has forgotten.  Why?  Because Wonkette is a classy gal.  And she dont take no shit from nobody.  You just try to ruffle her feathers.  (Please make me a guest blogger… please?)

Also today, I found out that stupid stupid Virgil Goode down in C-Ville is actually co-sponsoring a bill that would effectively make InVitro illegal.  No, I'm not kidding, ladies.  Go on and click that link.  I'll sit and wait for you to come back.  Mad yet?  I wrote my representative and told him to vote against it should it come to that.  I dont think it will make it out of committee, but should it, I want it killed.  Fast. 

Short interuption… why the hell does the hallway smell like an Egyptian Airport??  Why!?

Also today, we all find out that Hills won West Virginia by a gagillion bazillion points.  If I had won West Virginia with that margin I wouldnt be proud.  Its West fuggin Virginia.  Yokles galore.  Does it surprise me that a white lady won against a black guy with a name like Obama?  No.  Why?  Because West Virginians are white, stupid, inbred hicks with nothing to do with whiddle and make mash.  I know… I've driven through it!  M told me, as we were driving though, that the reason why the speed limit is 70 in WVa is because you want to get the hell out of there as fast as possible, and folks wanna help you do it.  I have an image of Kleetus driving up to the drive through voting booth and there being a piktur of a 😦 face and a 🙂 face next to Obama and Hills's names respectively.  Obama's name was also next to the McD's salad… ya know, what you should buy but dont.  Hill's face was next to nearly everything else.  In addition, I didnt know you could find that many democrats in West Virginia.  How odd…



One response to ““The Fat Man Walks Alone…” – Lucas

  1. So does that mean that if a woman miscarries, she can be charged with a crime? And do I get to take the child tax allowance for any pregnancies not carried to term?A full person with full rights has citizenship, right?  So does that mean that any tourist who gets knocked up here gets a kid with automatic citizenship?  It could be fun to apply for a passport with an ultrasound photo.   Even better – a gun permit.How about an extra spot in a concert ticket lottery?  Carpool lanes?  Is the kid a turnstile jumper when I ride public transportation?  Will I get pre-approved credit card offers for Full Person Embryo Twinge?  (Don’t laugh, my dog got an offer.  For real.) 


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