I’m pretty calm today

Mostly because I know that in 6 and a half hours, I will officially be on vacation.  Hence the pritty pikture that I did not take.  No.  This is most certainly not my work.  I wish! 

The other day M took me around to the Circuit City to pick up a WiiFit (which I will review just as soon as I get my hands on one).  Instead we ended up checking out the cameras and I realized, in one sweeping blow, that my poor little 6mp camera is old.  Sure, she works perfectly, and is extremely dependable.  But ffs, she is out dated by leaps and bounds.  I found a very very nice Sony at the CC, and wanted it badly.  If only because its got 9 focus points and I think mine has two.  But I cant afford it.  I mean, I can.  But I shouldnt.  Never know whats gonna happen in this economy and we're already using the entirety of our "stimulus check" to go on vacation next week.  (But it will be well worth it by far)

No one is at work today.  The govvies were given a 4 hour early leave.  Not so much for the contractors, the real meat and potatos of this whole government.  The end game for almost every single individual contractor is to "score a govvie job".  Why?  Because, while the pay is ridiculously low, the health plan is worth its weight in platinum.  They also cannot fire you.  No matter how much they try. 

Quick interlude… What in the world is an Ogopogo??

This is an Ogopogo.  Yeah… blame M for that one.

Moving right along! 

So I will not be blogging while on vacation.  Sure, it might look like I've lost interest in Vox and blogging, but rest assured that no… I'm just on vacation and will not, I repeat, will not be blogging.  Or at least, I'll try really hard not to.  Its not my fault if I take some pretty pritty pikturz and just need to share them with the world. 

With reminds me… is it worth it to get a flickr account?  I mean, I post alot of stuff on wiki, which has some kind of an issue with things from flickr… in short its confusing and annoying… so maybe not.  I'll just keep doing it the hard way.  In the end, I do keep some pictures for myself.  The more artistic ones that arent of "encyclopedic value" to the project and whatnot.  Maybe those I'll move to flickr.  That would probably be my best move.

Anywhosit, its a great day.  Sun is shining, no one is here, responsibility is low, I finally got my higher clearance (officially now) and I'm going on vacation.  Is everyone this happy?


2 responses to ‘I’m pretty calm today

  1. Have a great vacation, Cap’n.  (You’re not going anywhere near Lake Okanagan, are you?)


  2. No no no… North Carolina for mee.  Ogopogo was just printed on something so I wondered what it was.


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