I did it…

Or rather… M did it.  He bought me the camera of my dreams.  The thing I salivated all over at the Circuit City.  I'll be using this baby on our trip down to the OBX.  It is a dream.  The images from the 3 pictures I've taken thus far are cream-worthy.  Beautiful.

Today I saw the new Indy Jones movie.  They hit my nitche perfectly, because if there is anything I love more than a movie about the Mayans is a movie about the Mayans and aliens!!  Sheer perfection in the vein of every other Indy Jones movie.  It didnt help when my dad pinched my leg in the middle of a particularly squeal worthy moment… but definately a perfect movie and movie experience.  Go see it.

One thing that bugged me though, not really a movie point but rather the fact that I'd never seen H or A bomb tests.  I'd seen the pictures and footage of the giant mushroom cloud, but never saw the footage of what a bomb of that magnitude could actually do to things.  The melting and sheer destruction.  The horrific realization that this thing exists is terrifying.  And I am perfectly sure that today we have worse things.  Things that nightmares couldnt even fathom.  It scared me.  Shouldnt have… but it did. 

Anyway… so.  This week should be glorious.  And the images stunning.  M kept asking me why I didnt get a DSLR and besides the price (this baby was a whopping $388 compared with $800 for an SLR), I just wanted to start with something a little less scary.  I'm not a pro, and I dont intend on quitting my cush contractor job to do weddings, but I would still be able to take nice pictures and maybe set up a table at the Eastern Market.  Just a lil somethin something.  You know?  Yeah, you know. 



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