So, a long long long long time ago, I posted about the stuipd hicks in Prince William County.  Today, I do so again, with relish

Everyone arrested in Prince William County will have his or her name run through a federal database to determine citizenship status, even if the person is not suspected of being in the country illegally, according to a draft of the county's revised illegal-immigration policy.

Question: why!?  I realize that generally, when you are arrested or come in the sights of the police, they do a run of your name and see if anything pops up on the computer.  And I also realize that this policy is leaps and bounds better than the old one, in which anyone that was pulled over for anything could be questioned about their immigration status.  Thereby, making me hesitant to drive to go see my family members who live there.

These people are the folks who spear headed this stupid attack on brown people.  As you can read from their statement, they are your run of the mill, crazy, racist, white hicks.  Only, these dumbasses actually have the ear of a supervisor.

From their website:

In addition to the identification of illegal aliens and crackdown on illegal alien criminal behavior, other significant public benefits have been observed.  These include the following:

  • Prince William County Schools reported a mid-year drop in ESOL enrollments that saves county taxpayers at least $6 million annually.  All jurisdictions surrounding Prince William County, including those that have seen a steady decline in student enrollments, are reporting significant increases in ESOL enrollments.  Can someone explain to me why this is a good thing?  You are punishing children who have a right to education regardless of their immigration status.  In terms of molding children to be responsible adults, you have failed.  Miserably.
  • Prince William Hospital has indicated that the number of requests for prenatal care for the indigent has gone from over fifty a month to five.  Once again, explain to me why this is a good thing.  You are, in effect, damaging the health of future American Citizens.  Because, as we all know, any person born in the US is automatically given citizenship, regardless of the immigration status of their parents.  Way to be dicks.
  • The appearance of graffiti attributed to criminal gangs such as MS-13, Surenos-13 and the "South Side Locos" has dramatically reduced.  So instead of the police doing their job and helping find a horrific and horrible gang, they have shelpped the duty off to the surrounding counties.  Great job. 
  • Residential overcrowding in several neighborhoods in the Manassas area has abated significantly since enforcement of the Rule of Law Resolution began.  Like I said in April, this only means that the houses down the street that used to be full of people and not abandoned, are now abandoned.  Your property value has plummeted as a result.  Wait till the legal homeless folks start coming in or people begin being raped in abandoned houses.  Will you so happy then?

I have a big big problem with people taking radical sides of arguments.  There is always an amicable middle.  In this case, instead of bringing legitimate issues with law enforcement policies to the table with a non radical solution in your pocket, you have alienated an entire generation of children, born in the United States and here with every right as your blonde haired, blue eyed daughter.  Way to piss off a bunch of people who's religion doesnt believe in birth control. 


One response to “*Facepalm*

  1. [this is good] I live in prince William county, i actually own a multi-service office that helps people with even the littlest things (i.e. filling out a job application), im not non-profit yet but i hope to be in the future. (too many bills) anywho. I agree with you 100%, im latino, my clientele is mostly latino, but i have people from ghana, bangladesh, the slovak and czech republics and everywhere inbetween come in. It’s just not the latino community affected, but every immigrant community. Business’s are going under (im teetering on the edge honestly), prices are going up in taxes (about 600 for my family’s house), and it’s horrible. every other day there’s a person walking through the door with a hardship form / letter to fill out to try to get help from the mortgage companies and the thing they always say is, what’s the point? what’s the point of trying to save our house when we live in a place where we are discriminated for being latino’s. I went to school in prince william from elementary to highschool, and im legal here, and ive never felt as much discrimination as i do now. Stewart is a Plain and simple not a good person, a person that takes an approach to alienate an entire group of people can’t be, he’s put this county back about 20 years and i doubt it will get any better in the years to come. Tomorrow is the last day to pay county property taxes, 2 years ago the line was out the door. today, there was 1 other person there, just 1.


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