Diddy Said BK Is Open Late

 Yeah, stupid commercials.

Today I spent the day at the parent's house so I could kick it with grandma and partake in the kick ass barbeque that was going down.  I was supposed to spend it in Harrisonburg, but M's mom decided to cancel her congressional shindig.  Today was hot hot hot.  The highest temp that I noticed was 109F.  Tomorrow is supposed to be hotter… which must suck for them folks still without any power.

So, below are some pictures from the house.  


There was a great cloud formation as we were leaving the grocery store, and since I still had my camera with me, I pulled it out and quickly snapped it.  I played with the colors… Below is the original, the warm edit and the cold edit.  Cant really see a dif between warm and the original, but you can see how great the cold is. 



2 responses to ‘Diddy Said BK Is Open Late

  1. [c’est top] Draw me a Dream :Dancing with the flowersMixing the bright colorsFrench : “Franchement j’adore”.Sergio


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