The “Dark Side” Does Not Have Cookies

No, it doesn't.

Today's post titles are brought to you by the "List of Things that Skippy Cannot Do".  This one in particular is from a fine soldier in Australia.  Dont forget to stop in for the rest of the week to hear the others.

So, I was perusing the ol MSNBC today and saw this in the margin.  Driving + Cell Phone = Brain Overload.  Sure, maybe if you're that girl there.  Or perhaps if you've got some kind of mental retardation… or maybe even if you're old, and cant seem to figure out how to work the phone correctly, and you're looking down at it while you're supposed to be paying attention to the 5 lane, 20 mile long parking lot that you've found yourself in. 

No.  I'm sorry, but I dont think I have super powers.  I believe it is within each and every one of us to be able to both drive and speak to another person at the same time.  What do you do when you have another dude in the car with you?  Do you immediately shush them when they deign to inform you that you've just blown past another stop sign?  Or you're about to miss your exit?

Just as we dont take away the plastic fork of a Ph.D. candidate, us folks who can string together a thought and walk at the same time shouldnt have to suffer the punishments that stupid ass hats envision will remedy our "bad driver situation".  Some people are just bad drivers.  Taking away their phones will not make it better.  At the same time, some people honestly cannot both drive and carry on a conversation at the same time, and it should be those people's own responsibility to not do it.

Just another example of government dictating what I can and cannot do.  M will say that this is libertarianism… but if so, then so be it!  Jesus.  Arrest me for selling the pot, arrest me for hiding the pot, and arrest me for importing the pot… but do not arrest me for being high! 

Disclaimer, that is my argument for many things in this descriptor… I do not smoke pot.    


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