“I am not Fergalicious”

Like any good incentive, I must act now!  I am, of course, refering to buying a new car.  M and I are gonna have to bite the bullet, and buy one.  If I'm gonna be working in Chantilly, we cant exactly carpool, now can we?  Soo… Ive been doing some digging on the USAA website, and found out that Hyundai is giving away $1,500 with the car.  So, of course, my ass is all about the Elantra!  Yes!  Theodora will live again!!  If I'm gonna do a $300+ payment on a car, it might as well not be entry level and be the car that I want.  In addition, they have her purple!  Ahh… what a beautiful thing it will be to have Theodora back in my arms.  I have visions of me running towards her and hugging her.  *Sigh*

So, why a $300 payment on a $14,500 car?  Ha!  M and I have what I like to call, "College Student Credit Score-itus".  Its not that we are bad with credit.  We just dont have any history.  Which blows.  Our scores go up about 5 points every few months.  Singularly because the length of time we have credit lengthens.  There is tell that this will be fixed soon… that honest, hard working, decent ex students wont be screwed when it comes time to buying a car, but that doesnt help me right now.  M has a better score than I do… by about 50 points.  So, of course, the loan will be in his name.  If I deign to add my name to the loan, I'm certain the rate will skyrocket.  So, I'm being conservative and factoring in a 10% interest rate.  It will probably be 9 or even 8… but I dont want any surprises. 

In addition, should M be sticking around with our company, he'll get a 5k addition. 


I will name her Theodora… redux. 


2 responses to ‘“I am not Fergalicious”

  1. I’m liking the purple!  Do you know how hard it is to find a specific silver VW in a parking lot in Germany?  It’s embarrassing to keep pointing the door zapper at a car that is not yours.


  2. L O friggin L.
    My old car used to be a grey purpleish kinda color.  It grew on me… beggers cant be choosers.  But since Theodora was so rudely struck down in the prime of her life, I’ve been dreaming of a replacement.


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