I am not the Queen of Cheese

This dumbass actually represents me.  Its a chilling thought.

So, today isnt going so well.  #1, Tested Neg.  Yes, I do realize that absolutely no one should ever put any stock in testing 10dpo.  I figured I'd give it a shot though.  #2, Fight with huby.  #3, Card declined at fuggin Starbucks, and for no good goddamn reason either.  Blonde twat must not know how to swipe a credit card.  I checked the statement and we are in no way even close to being out of money in our checking.  I'd have to try really really hard to clean it out.  But oh god, give me the chance.  #4, Who the hell puts celery in egg salad?  Potato salad, sure.  Shrimp salad even… ok.  I have to psych myself up to eating those who things, and be on the ever vigilant lookout for the giant pieces that stupid shop owners throw into "salads" in order to take up space and possibly add color.  But in all honesty, celery tastes like crap!  And I will not fuggin eat it!  Not even with peanut butter and rasins!  So, now I'm stuck picking out barely macroscopic pieces of this horrible crunchy disaster instead of enjoying breakfast.

Anyway, back to Frank Wolf.  Jesus H. Christ.  He was on the teevees last night talking about how China has hacked his computer system.  But then stopped short of actually providing proof, because that would be, "In violation of national security practices."  Oh, but going on national TV, and bitching to whoever can hear isnt a security violation?  This congressman was actually asked by the FBI not to disclose this information.  Can anyone wonder why?  *Raises hand*  Because the fuggin FBI doesnt want the fuggin Chinese knowing that we fuggin found out that they've been fuggin around in our fuggin computers!  If'n that happened at all.  I'm of the belief that Mr. Wolf here's staff was looking at crap they weren't supposed to be looking at, they are intern college students after all, and ended up screwing the damn computer over.  Or, and this is another matter of contention I have, them computers he supplied to this staff were so old they couldnt run the Oregon Trail (old skool version), and ended up crapping out.  *Glares at her shitty assed computer which likes to die if she has Word open too long*  In the end, I highly doubt that China, in all its glory, would be poking its nose into Wolf's computers.  Sure, you would imagine that if you were to organize a massive cyber attack from the other side of the globe in order to gain proprietary knowledge of the US's dealing, you'd pick someone off the radar.  Certainly, not someone like Pelosi or the other fine folks who I cant be bothered to remember, and yet are on TV all night long.  But seriously… Frank Wolf?  Talk about random


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