Ha!  Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!  Oh god… ha!  AAAAAhahahahahah!!!

Ok… ok.  I think I can control myself now.  I can.  Whoooo.  Ok.

#1, who the fuck invited Kanye fucking West to fucking Bonnaroo?  Seriously!  Its ridiculous to think that the kinda people who like Metallica (another wtf moment on inviting them), Pearl Jam, Dave, and Robert Randolph are  the kinda people who are going to enjoy a self serving, drama queen, mama's boy of a rapper.  Its not gonna happen.  Whoever thought of this lineup was looking at big names, not what the actual festival goers want to see/hear.  They should be fired.  Actually, they should be thrown into the mud pit and left to fight over a port-a-potty with the empty bottle of their $8 water.  Lets see how the suits like it? 


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