Cloaks and Daggers

Thats how M described my meeting with the ABCD dude.  It was simple.  He wanted to make sure I knew I possibly wouldnt be coming back to where I work now for a bit, probably the end of the summer, but no assurances.  I told him I didnt care.  I need out of here.  Dun care if they stick me in a closet with a mop, as long as I get my 60k and am not treated like a monkey.

Speaking of monkeys… M just found out that corporate here is gonna gather a list of a bunch of folks with MLS degrees and sign them up for contracts, give them a year to get their clearances, and then clean this place out.  No more uneducated, all new.  See, I'm all for that, except that there actually are nice people here!  Like the older folks.  Yeah, they work slow, but that kinda cleaning house is mean.  Its right up there with the fuggin auto maker companies.  Pff.  After 20+ years of service, all you get is a nice pat on the back.  Have fun getting another contractor job with no formal education.  M is gonna go talk to J, our lead who has been here since before the 60s.  He's gonna give her the heads up.

So, M is trying to get on out of here.  In the end, we didnt need the 5k, so its cool is he leaves early.  Oh yes… so now I've been offered a 5.24% from our credit union.  Well, that wins hands down.  Now they want us to fill out the application (again), get some pay stubs to send to them, and then fax it all over so they can give us an "Approval Letter" to give to the dealer so they can get their monies.  After its all said and signed on the dotted line, I could be driving home with a brand spanking new car tomorrow.  And, as per conversation with Twinge, I'm starting to be partial to the name Jezebel for the new red car.  I'm generally more inclined to name it an old, random, less used name than a new spunky name like Rebecca… although that one is in the running too.  You guys tell me… what would you name this car?  Just to sum up, we have: Jezebel, and Rebecca.  Anything else?  Ooo, Scarlet!  Yes!  But by all means, feel free to nominate names. 

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2 responses to ‘Cloaks and Daggers

  1. M nominated Josephine today… its a good name!  But Its more of a blue car. 
    I was thinking, also, Sofia (but pronounced Sof-eye-yah)


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