Radical Militant Librarian

Britney Spears

So, today I have a meeting with the ABCD dude.  After that, hopefully, I'll have an idea when I can begin all the paperwork and get the car.  Ah yes, the car!  The search has ended.  I have found the place I'm gonna get it.  They're good folks, and I can get it for a good price.  Its not gonna be the purple.  In the end, the picture I put on here isnt the right color.  It wasnt cute and muted, it was evil and creepy and dark.  I'm doing red instead. 

I know what you're asking… why did I put up the Britney album?  Oh… cuz I'm listening to it right now.  Mmm, its theraputic.  Its not in my general realm of music… but I got it on iTunes as a joke.  I figured I'd do my part and support the effervescent train wreck.  In the end, it became a serious guilty pleasure.

Yes.  Guilty.

Anywhoo.  Thats whats gonna happen today.  I'll update after noon when I meet with the dude.  Things are gonna get interesting real quick like. 


2 responses to ‘Radical Militant Librarian

  1. Then this car will need a new name.  Clifford the Big Red Car?  Sorry – it’s nearing the end of the day and I’m getting punchy.  Ignore the cranky woman in the corner who apparently has lost her sense of humor.


  2. Oo… no clifford anything.  I had a nightmare as a little kid that Clifford was out to get me.  Noo sireee.  Dunno what this one will be called.  I’ll have to get a feel for her.  Although, I’m thinking something sassy.  Jezebel comes to mind.


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