Chesty McBoob

That was what my friend, Chance, called some chick one day a long time ago when we were driving around trying to find some food in Maryland.  It can aptly describe me right now.  The tatas are no longer sitting in their bra correctly.  I have that muffin top thing going on.  Good thing its a low cut top, which brings attention to the actual cleavage and not so much the method by which they're stuffed in there.

I'm nauseated today, and feeling heartburn.  Yeah, question… how in the hell does one get heartburn from fuggin milk!?  It probably has something to do with me, like, not being able to digest it.  Although, I'm taking the lactaid pills with it, so it shouldnt be too big of a problem.  I just have to dig deep and remember that last time I was a gaseous mess.  And of course, if I'm not pregnant and this is all in my head, then be prepared for some posts from a "special hospital" for a few weeks.

In an effort to get my mind off of the timed hell that is the wait until 2pm, I will be discussing the car.

Sooo… Dita von Teese red, huh?  Yeah, that pretty much describes the color of the car.  Thats actually pretty apt.  Good job!  I'm feeling nervous about actually going down there and buying it.  Not that I'm gonna have buyers remorse or anything, its just that I'm prone to anxiety attacks anyway, and this big of a purchase is like, "Woahholyshitfuckwhatthefuckamithinkingimnotthatfuckingresponsibleyetimjustafugginkidright?"  Ya know, actually now that I got that out I feel a lil bit better. 

I talked to the dealer on Monday about getting the "Drive off the Lot" price down to $14k even from $14,500somethingandsomechange.  I like even numbers.  I'm pretty obsessive compulsive in regards to math and numbers… might be something I look into one day.  Anywhoo, yeah.  Thats a pretty good price for a Hyundai.  Of course, it does include the rebate already added in, and technically, the price of the actual car will be less than that.  That 14 includes tax, tags and title… although I wont be gettin the title, will I?  That goes to the loan folks.  Well, you know what I mean.  Tax and temp tags. 

(Lemme tell you what, gettin that picture of Dita from Google images was fuggin hard as hell to do on a censored computer!  Who does she think she is showing off her coochie like that?  Goddamnit)


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