A little story…

…of a pretty racist prick (not who you think it is). 

I decided to finally do my post on Mr. M. Rick Turner today after I read on MSNBC that this dumbass was being a dumbass again.  Seriously, if you'd just gotten your job back after being fired for being racially insensitive (regardless if he was or not), you mean to tell me that you would actually go near something like this with a ten foot pole?  If I had been fired for wearing a certain color to work, I wouldnt dare wear a purse, hat, coat, or scrunchie that color if I had been rehired.  No fugging way.  And of course, this is regardless if I feel he did something wrong, or not.  Which I think he didnt. 

Imus's assistant called the ladies "Nappy Headed Ho's".  While not exactly the smartest thing to say, he had to imagine to get some shit for it, by no means did it deserve the shitstorm it got.  Especially as people began to bring up the fact that black men and women can say this till the cows come home about each other.  Ok, I'll buy the double standard.  I regularly call an award I got in high school for "Excellence in the PSAT for Hispanics" my "Spic Award".  Lets be honest here folks, my ass got a 1070 in the PSATs.  I didnt care about it; I'd taken the damn thing 3 times before.  I was sick of PSATs.  I had no clue it wasnt going to count until I became a Junior. 

So, how does this wrap in with M. Rick Turner? 

Let me enlighten you with a quick backstory.  (Quick note… he's apparently taken down his shitty assed website, but thank god for google cache!)  Mr. Turner was UVa's old Dean of African American Affairs, as well as an adjunct faculty member of the sociology department.  I dont know when he got there, if he had been there the whole time during my 4 years, but I was very aware of him after word got out that he had asked a hispanic dude to leave a function that Turner believed to only be pertinant to African American males.  He went on to call members of Alpha Phi Alpha, "House Niggers" and "Uncle Toms".  This guy, who was the Dean of African American Affairs actually uttered those inflamatory words to a group of his own peerage.  In a meeting with the Student Council, he even went so far as to say that, "White parents from the right believe their children have a God-given right to everything," and "The time is coming when white fathers won't just be able to give their white sons a job anymore." 

This man was wholy devisive.  This man, who was paid a goodly amount by UVa to bring together the self segregated African American population of the University, was creating a large rift in our community.  So, understand my glee when I read that he "admitted lying to federal investigators about 'the activities of a known drug dealer.'"  He retired promptly thereafter, getting a large payoff from the UVa.  I probably would have paid him off to leave early too, but I would have done so much much earlier than Casteen (UVa Prez) eventually did.

How can we have people like that actually having a prominent role in society?  Mr. Julian Bond, noted civil rights activist and current Chairman of the NAACP, came to UVa during Turner's tenure to teach the History of the Civil Rights Movement.  My friend Meta took a class from him and from what I've seen and heard of the man (he was great on Colbert!), he is a kind hearted, easy going man.  He's funny when he wants to be, approachable, down to Earth, and yet when he needs to be, he can hold the conviction of his words, and be unwavering.  This is the kind of man who should have been the Dean, not that horrible Turner. 

People like Turner are the reason why this country has still not healed as much as it should have. 


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