You Called Us A Freak!!

Its something that was a recurring phrase over at mah uncle's house.  M and I went on vacation to see some DMB (Zomg dont you just love him??)  and saw Hershey, PA and went swung up to kick it with my uncle.  I'm not supposed to say its his backyard… so I wont.  ;)  Majority of the pictures taken at the Hershey Gardens, the last few at mah uncle's. 



4 responses to ‘You Called Us A Freak!!

  1. Aw, shucks.  Thanks!  Hubby says I should do weddings… but in weddings, people move!  Much different.


  2. True, very true.  And some brides can be a bit difficult!
    How about kids photos?  I know they move a lot more than bridal parties would…but people pay BIG bucks for shots of their kids!  Especially creative shots!


  3. [this is good] What a feast for my eyes! I am trying to read everyone’s blogs they posted since Wed, so I would normally comment on all my faves, but looking at these, there are about 20 faves, and I am just starting my day long catch up. Just know I LOVE SO MANY!!!! These are Gorgeous! The Butterflies KILL ME!!!!


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