How in the hell is it not 3pm yet?

Today has been a mixed bag.  Stressed in the morning for no apparent reason only to get a crap sandwich made by some slightly crosseyed asian lady who was obviously on her 2nd day on the job.  Did I mention that the bread was at least 3 days old?  Ick.  Aaaand they didnt have the grilled onions!  I dont do the blue cheese… I tried it once and it was just too overpowering.  This lady, thankfully, did give me 3 slices of havarti.  Waay more than I usually get.  The bread and onions mark yet another week of sub par sandwich making at the Safeway. 


"Zomg… Darfur, Rwanda, Iraq, Afghanistan!  There are bigger things to bitch about!" 

Yes, I know.  Sorry to sound extremely ego centric, but goddamnit.  I was really looking forward to that sandwich!  Now I gotta hit up the Safeway on the way home and hope to all that is holy that I dont get yet another shit sandwich for my troubles.

Other than that though… meh.  I know I have some shit to get done before my last day rolls around.  I have obligations and loose ends to tie.  But in all honestly, I have lost all ability to care.  I mean, for fucks sake, I have my hair in pigtails today!  Pigtails!!  Who in their right mind, who cherishes their job, wearing pig tails to work?  I love the freedom.  I might even wear my Clarks tomorrow.  Its forecasted to be a scorcher.


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