A Coffee AAAANNDD a Tea Maker!?


I have hit the employment jackpot.  I will be entirely spoiled by the time I go back to Bethesda, which is now sooner than previously believed.  But more on that later.  First, the location. 

Yes, a coffe maker that also makes tea!  Its one of those coffee & tea pod machines where you put the pod in the machine, stick a cup under it and the machine does the rest, and fast!  The best part?  The stuff is freee!  When I heard that ABCD gives ya free coffee, I was like… mm.  But then I saw it was one of those pod machines and I flipped out!  They even provide hot chocolate pods!!  I had some "Calm Lemon" tea. 

Also provided are full service kitchens.  Full size fridges, ovens, microwaves, toaster ovens, the whole nine yards.  They provide both ceramic and plastic plates, utensils and mugs/cups.  The place is heaven. 

Now, about Bethesda.  My "boss" dude came in and asked me if I didnt mind going back there to be a temp over in one of the main offices.  I said I didnt mind.  So, in about 3 weeks I'll be moving back.  Because I'll be leaving so quick to go back to Bethesda, the folks they sat me with wont train me on the crap I was supposed to do.  So I'll basically just be sitting there, doing all the training my little heart can handle from the online web portal. 

Talk about the fucking jackpot.  This is incredible.



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