Payroll Sucks/DC Gun Permits

I think every company's payroll department can eat a big one.  Old company threw me a live check instead of direct depositing my last one.  Stupidity abound.  So, now I'm trying to find out why the hell Wachovia put a hold on it. 

Quick randomness… flour cant go bad, can it?  Hmm.  This shit expired in March. 

In other news, however, I still love my new job.  And I am drinking waaay too much of the free tea there.  Im running to tinkle every other hour.  Its annoying in that the bathroom is a hike, but then when ya get there its beautiful inside… so its ok.  And on the way back I stop by the kitchen for more tea.  Its a neverending cycle of Presto!Machine abuse. 

So, how about some current event type shit, eh?  Apparently, only one person showed up to register their handgun in DC so far… and that one dude was the person who sued the city.  And he was turned away because he didn't bring the gun with him.  I couldnt have made that up if I'd tried. 

Yes, I have personal issues with the whole gun ban thing, but since I dont live in DC, I try not to poke my nose in it too much.  However… since you're all begging me to opine, I will.  My stance is this.  There is no need for a bunch of inbred hicks with trigger happy morals and the mental capacity of a 12 year old to own, let alone operate, a modifiesd rocket laucher, an elephant gun (with scope!), or shit the military gets to play with.  No.  No way in hell.  I dont think small concealable hand guns are a good idea either, for the sole reason that you can hide it.  I think we should all have shotguns.  They're hard to load, and you cant hide one in your purse.  Everyone will knows who is packing what, and will, hopefully, have the good sense not to screw the top off the salt at a restaurant and leave it there for the next unsuspecting customer.  The only people who should have terrifying creepy guns are the military… and yes, I do realize that if'n case the military goes nuts, they're the only ones with the goddamn guns.  And then we're pretty doomed, but every story has a hero, right?  Eventually we'll start genetically mutating, and next thing you know we wont need no stinkin guns.  

But in all honesty, how do I feel about this?  Have you read the requirements to getting one of these super-permits?  Its amazing!  First, you have to bring the illegal gun to the location to get the permit.  You must bring 2 passport sized photos, proof of residency, a valid DC driver's license (or, if you canna drive get your doctor to say that you can see goodly), submit your fingerprints, pass a written firearm proficiency test (which might suck if you dont speak English or canna read), and allow the police to test fire the gun.  Let me repeat that last one… "Allow the police to test fire the gun!"  The police will then keep the bullets and compare the ballistic information to all unsolved crimes in DC!  You then take the gun home, and are not allowed to use it, even for self defense, until the police say you can have the permit.  They are doing everything to ensure that no one will ever get a goddamn permit.  And its hilarious!  I, for one, didnt see the problem with not allowing folks to own a gun in the nations capital… in a district where, I believe, no one is even supposed to live.  But hey… thats just my two cents. 


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