I Has Telephoto

Isnt it pretty?  M bought it for me a coupla days ago.  I'm gonna use it every time we go out.  I love Macro pictures and this will just make it so much easier.  *sigh*  Its pretty.  With this new addition, in addition to the extra battery I travel around with (and never need), I'm gonna have to pick up a bag.  And, since I'll be taking more pictures, I need to start backing up, so I have to look at a Maxtor drive.  Yes.  I said Maxtor.  Maxtor is all we used to use back when I worked at the Army Corps of Engineers… and if the Army trusts it to work after a world wide Fed Ex flight and the harsh environment of the Arabian and Persian deserts… then thats good enough for me. 

M keeps offereing to buy me a 4gb or 8gb stick.  I have never even come close to maxing out my memory on the 2gb stick I currently use.  I even took video for an hour and only used the first (of 5) indicator lights.  The video, by the way, was wonderful.  Great quality, great sound… even though it was in a bar and pretty far away from the intended target.  Why dont I post it?  Nah.  I dont even know the beginning of how to edit video… and I wouldnt want to post crap.  I have a reputation to uphold.

In other news, the parents have graciously offered to fund a hotel/villa/apartment thing in Orlando for them, us, and my aunt and her girlfriend in October.  We'd have to pick up flight and food and tix for parks… but hey.  Its still a good deal.  M and I ordered out plane tix yesterday through Jet Blue.  They're the only ones I hear good things about anymore… but there is alot of time between now and October.

Tomorrow I will be at a Maroon 5/Counting Crows concert at Nissan Pavillion.  I know… i know.  Nissan is an evil black hole of corporate scum where cars go to die in the parking lot.  However… seeing as how the tix were free from my buisness unit at ABCD, we figured it was ok.  We'll hit up ma and pa's before the concert just because… but I'll definately be bringing the camera, and we'll see what we see.  🙂


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