2008 Virginia Cavs

Yep, thats my arm.  And yep… I do realize that my Cavs suck.  Yesterday M and I went to the Virginia v. Richmond game in C-ville.  We braved the hurricane/tropical storm thing and had alot of fun (and also got choice parking for freeee).  We had some time to kill, so we hit up Alumni Hall and I got my arm "glitter tattooed".  The food was great, we had excellent seats and absolutely no rain!  The downside?  It took UVa 4 goddamn quarters to score a single touchdown on Richmond.  Giving our defense credit, of course, we did keep them down to 0 despite their quarterback's uncanny shotgun arm.  Their kicker should be taken out back and forced to watch Napoleon Dynamite 50 times a day as punishment for missing 2 field goals at 10 and 20 respectively. 

I save my vitriol for Peter goddamn Lalich.  He completed 53%, threw two interceptions, was sacked twice, and generally looks like a 12 year old beanpole with no greater aspirations than to dick around on the football team and get laid.  He threw, repeatedly, to no one.

Al Grohl is no better.  He went for it on 4th and 9!!!  Who the fuck goes for it on 4th and 9!?  Especially when you have the All-American Reject as your QB.  I find it incredible that this man used to coach pro football.  He seems to be losing his marbles, one game at a time.  If there were ever a time for a "Fire Grohl" sign, it would have been at this game.  While we won, it was more due to the fact that Richmond screwed up rather than we did well.  We had 9 penalties for a whopping 103 yards!!  Who the fuck is teaching these people?  Most of these goddamn penalties came either before or after the actual play of the ball.  They were stupid mistakes and personal fouls.  Goddamnit, people!?

Of course, dont get me wrong.  I will continue to root for my Cavs, and continue to believe that their shit doesnt stink when I'm talking to co-workers… but when I see when fuck up as much as yesterday, and then win the goddamn game, thats just not fair.  For all intents and purposes, UVa won… but Richmond still beat them.


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