VA Fair Prep

When I needed to get mah prints down for the Va State Fair… I had no clue who to go to.  I thought, CVS?  They print pictures.  But then my husband mentioned the Ritz Camera place.  I figured, sure.  Why not?  Well… lemme tell you something.  Those people are amazingly sweet and kind and thoughtful.  It might just be mine, but the staff are uber nice.  I will go back for all of mah printing needs. 

So anywhoo… I needed to have these matted before turning them in, with a white mat… 1 1/2" minimum.  I thought I was gonna have to pay alot for this.  I used to know how to make mat frames when I was in high school… but I now lack the materials, the math (I could figure it out but I'm just too damn lazy), and the patience to deal with creating matting again.  I headed over to the Michaels to find out how much it was gonna cost me and lo and behold!  Pre cut mats!  Wow!  The best part?  They were cheap cheap cheap!  I got my 5 8X10s and 5 5X7s and off I went.

Yesterday I put them all together.  I havent put the assigned tags on the pictures yet because I dont want to put them on the wrong place and have to be disqualified.  I've been following the instructions to the letter.  Its kinda hard for me since I like to be all, "AHHHHHHH!  FUCK YOU INSTRUCTIONS!".  But in the end, everything came out beautifully.  The dude at the Ritz said, "Wow, you've got skillz!" (I added the Z)  The 8X10s were stunning.  I'd never thought my stuff could be blown up like that before.  Its pretty amazing to see a picture that you took being made to look all professional and stuff!


I know ya'lls are wondering about my pie.  Wow, that sounded dirty.  My pie, cherry in fact, will commence baking either tonight or tomorrow.  I have all of my impliments of destruction.  I have premade crust (the rolled up kind) and the crust from a box.  I also have tons of flour.  As we all know, the filling can be amazing, but the crust can be the crux of the whole operation… so I have to make sure mah crust is to die for.  Warm and flaky and whatnot.  If anyone has any secrets they dont mind lending me, that would be super.  But I'll be scouring the internet for shortcuts that provide results. 


2 responses to ‘VA Fair Prep

  1. [this is good] They look Beautiful all matted!!! Good Luck! I hope to see ribbons on one of your photos and one on that pie! 


  2. Best-kept secret recipe for pie crust IN THE WORLD.
    Joy of Cooking.
    men spontaneously propose marriage when they eat this pie crust.
    you will never use the boxy kind again.


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