So.  As some of ya’lls know, I’m still effing TTC a year after starting.  We had a cute little peanut for a hot 2ish months, but that star faded.  Now we’re trying again.  And my resolve is even stronger after a 7cm cyst landed me in the ER with “We’ll try and save the ovary” lingering in balance.  I didnt have surgery, in the end, and the thing figured itself out and I was sent home.  Last month was a dud in that my body still wasnt up to speed from the last gynecological shock, but I had hope for this month.  Well, hold onto your socks, buddy, because we have a smiley face, and all sensors are GO GO GO for babymaking!  I never though i’d be so happy to see a smiley face on a silly little electronic stick.

See?  Smiley!!!

See? Smiley!!!

This past weekend I spent with my bestest friend Meta (I miss my other bestest friends May and Elizabeth, by the way) and Jon and Jamie and Tina and Marc and Dana!  Yaay!  We rented a limo (zomg, pictures to follow) and went a wine touring in Afton.  Again, pictures to follow, but rest assured that they’re pretty funny.

Anywhoo… M is acting all southern and telling me that I got a minute 40 to come out and get mah foods, so I’d better comply.  Lubs ya’lls!


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