I Hate Training

Yeah… I’ve been sequestered in training for work these past two days.  It was boring.  And ridiculously useless.  Moving on.

KaolinSo, against my better judgement, I am playing WoW now.  Currently, I’m a level 13 undead rogue.  I’m doing the 10 day free trial to see if I get addicted, and yeah.  I am.  I also feel guilty about abandoning Puzzle Pirates for a while.  It was my first love.  I also dont know what will happen once I start getting more involved with the quests and the social aspect.  I’m not one for larger scale politics, as obvious with Puzzle Pirates.  A friend from work wants me to reestablish myself on his server, but I like the one I’m on now.  Everyone is generally the same level and learning at the same pace.  I dont want to jump into an older server.  I also dont want to be party to his guild.  I want to explore for myself.  Ol’ well.

Last night I was turned into a sheep during a duel.  Pretty awesome.  I beat the dude, though.  So, the joke was on him.  Way to lose to a sheep.  Today I took my first bat ride.  Talk about incredible!

In other news, tomorrow I pee on a stick.  Well, tomorrow or Friday.  I dont know.  The longer I wait before I pee, the longer I can live in the fantasy world of “maybe” before getting my hopes dashed and resigning myself to another month of trying.  And yet at the same time, the sooner I know, the sooner I should start popping progesterone pills so this thing has a better chance.  A myriad of emotions.

Tomorrow I get to go back to work.  Its also pulled pork day at the cafeteria.  I can get back to working on my scarf  and pissing the day away under a blanket and taking random breaks with Tim.  Yaaay!


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