Face Watch, Day 10/TB Watch, Day 118

So… apparently (like I said earlier) I dont have Bell’s Palsy. Like the kind doctor saidI might, I have a vitamin deficiency.  I, apparently, dont take enough D.  Which is odd, seeing as how I already take a supplement for D.  But ol’well.  I’ll take 2 now instead of 1.  This face thing will clear right up… hopefully.

I am so glad that I only took that godawful prednisone for 3 days.  Another med that I have taken myself  off of is the pill!  OMIGOD what an effing difference.  I hate hate hate the pill.  Detest it.  So glad that this whole TB thing is almost over with.  I’ve passed the 90 day point, the 100 day point, and I’m 2 days away from the 2 months left point.  I’ve lost a total of 40 lbs since my highest thus far, with the weight loss thing slowing down lately… which is a good thing.  I feel healthier, so if anything, this TB diet has detoxed me and will probably help with the impending baby-making-palooza that will be coming in a few short month’s time. 

What can I say at the 118 day point?  I always knew I’d be this close… but when it all started, Icouldnt have forseen just how much easier this got.  On a daily basis, I dont really think about what I cant eat.  Scratch that, I do.  But now its second nature to say, “I cant have that” or “What else is there?” 

I leave you with a pretty picture of a flower… I’ll be taking many more this weekend, with April coming in and the whole GIANT PILLOW FIGHT tomorrow.  This is gonna be a great week.  🙂

Pretty flower on a street corner in Foggy Bottom

Pretty flower on a street corner in Foggy Bottom


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