Haz Camera Will Travelz!

So, during the interminable lunch with M’s mom’s batshit crazy friend, she mentioned that she was thinking of getting the wedding photography for her friend’s wedding in the spring.  I gave her my card, and the lady seemed very interested… I think mostly because I was her friend’s son’s wife.

Now, lets get one things straight.  I have never done a wedding.  Never.  I haven often wanted my friends to get together and play wedding for me, but there has always been something in the way.  Like, not having a random wedding dress laying around.  That’s a big thing.  And also the fact that I’d want to photograph in Charlottesville since I know the area well, and we can use the Chapel @ UVA for nothing.  Ya know, as long as no one is using it at that moment.

I’ve read a book about the technique and various things that you want to get straightened away before the big day, but I havent been able to put any of that knowledge to good use.  And, of course, then there’s the things that I will need… like a flash, for one.  An extra camera.  An extra battery.  More memory cards.  A tripod, I think, should be good to have.  You get the idea.

Oh yeah, and then there’s price.  Here in the DC area, wedding photography goes for $4k+.  I think the least I saw was $3.5K.  Ours in C-ville were $1.8k and I scrapped the bottom of the barrel.  (No offense, but I called this lady in from Waynesboro…)  As a newbie, I wouldnt dare get near that price.  But I’d at least charge enough to get a new camera (since I’d need one) and a flash.  That’s around 800ish bucks.  I dont know if this lady knew that it was gonna cost that, but it does.  And I’m not making a profit.  That’s straight “equipment” charges.  We didnt talk money over our lunch, but I could tell that anything above a nice token $300 was not what she had in mind.

Anyway.  I’m cautiously excited.  M’s mom has a flighty nature about her (she was going to Hawaii this weekend, apparently… but no longer) so I imagine that any of her friends have to be of the same ilk if they get along well.  Plus, again, this lady is batshit crazy.

So, that’s where I am.  I mentioned this to my friend Cathy, you remember Cathy, dontcha?  And she and her husband and my husband started talking about business plans and thats when my eyes glazed over.  What?  I actually have to do like… the stinky work part?  Why cant I just get a phone call, get someone to sign a contract, show up at the predetermined time and place, do the shoot, post-process, get some cash and give ’em back?  Isnt that enough work?  Its the stinky things, like taxes and paperwork and cash flow… that shit makes me want to gag.  I’ll be happy to do the website and the business cards and the marketing stuff!  That’s fun!  But spreadsheets?  😦  <– not a happy camper.

But hey, if I want to do this, I know I have to deal with it.  And I will.  Really, I will.  No kidding.  I just wont like to deal with it.

See? Pretty!! Me haz SKILLZ! Me want JOB! No paperwork!


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