Well, That Was Fun!

I ended up chilling with my parents for Christmas.  We drove down to Williamsburg and stayed at that one resort.  Good times.  They had a fireplace in their suite and we were in the room right below, so we got to warm ourselves and hang out.  Good times.

On our way home, we swung a left and headed to M’s hometown to visit his parents.  His sister and niece and brother in law, and father were all awesome.  We went to his sister’s house after eating lunch and proceeded to open xmas presents.  Afterwards, we all reveled in love and laughter… and then all hell broke loose.  Common courtesy demands that I dont describe in detail just how much crazy was spewed on all of us by his mother, as we sat there with our mouths agape and held freshly unwrapped presents in our hands.  In the end, his fairly pregnant sister chased their mom out of her house.

This isnt the first time she’s gone stone cold insane.  Its probably not gonna be the last.  But it sure as hell isnt Christmas until someone is crying.  I could go into detail, again, about this one Christmas where everyone had a shitfit over a Walmart employee and a tree… but I wont.

And I’m not saying that my family is less insane, we all have our moments of crazy… but mine dont usually involve major holidays.  And we’re all pretty passive aggressive.  Much easier, that way.  Plus, if it turns particularly sour, you can always blame the interpretation of the way the text was read.  Puerto Ricans have had eons to perfect our special brand of evil.  Its best if you dont get involved if you dont want to be burned.  😉

Anywhoo.  Yay Christmas!  But really… in the end, things were awesome.  When you put your thumb up and block out that one particular moment of awkwardness, everything else was very nice.  Here’s to next year!

Christmas is always tons of fun!


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