“Does Everybody Know What Time It Is?!”

This weekend was a whirlwind of home improvement.

M and I started concentrating on the entry bath, at first.  We replaced the mirror, painted, replaced the towel and tp rail, added a garbage can, threw in a decorative soap dish, and replaced the light fixture.  I also painted the wood cabinet in there a nice off white color.  We threw a black and white photo from Ikea (my stuff is gonna be prominently displayed), and behold!  An entry bath to be envious of!

We also replaced the entry foyer light.  That was an adventure in, “What the fuck is this thing?”  It had approx 15 parts to it, all of which needed to be taken down before attempting to unscrew it from the ceiling.  On top of that, we ended up getting covered in fiberglass which HURTS.

Once we were done with the entry bath… we got adventurous.  We got excited.  We decided to do a steampunk inspired bathroom.  If you ignore the fact that we dont have a clawfoot tub, this is going to work out pretty well.  So far we’ve replaced the light fixture, the mirror, the towel and tp rail, and painted the place an awesome greyish purple.  We spray painted the light switch cover a metallic black and have done the first coat of stain on the wood cabinet.

Lemme tell you something real quick, about staining.  It stinks, its gooey, and it looks like absolute crap for about 4 hours.  I have to hit it with another coat tonight, but it looks like ass.  If its completely crapped out, we’ll go try and buy something.  I figured staining the stupid thing would be a good idea since I didnt really feel like painting it anything specific, and because… ya know… its wood.

We have to find some wall art (sprockets and gears) and a good steampunk worthy shower curtain.  We also need some crown molding.  Or something.  I wanted to go with round dowels that we sanded and spray painted to look like pipes… and put that around the top of the wall.  It would look polished, dont get me wrong.  But M doesnt seem to see my concept.  He wants to go balls to the wall and put some nice fancy molding.  Yeah.  Sure.  Why not.  But we didnt have the time to really think it over the last time we went to the Lowes, so thats on the backburner.

Anyway… that was the weekend.  A nice whirlwind of paint and stain and cuts and bruises on our knees and aching backs.  Fun Shit!


4 responses to ‘“Does Everybody Know What Time It Is?!”

  1. Hi. We’re in the midst of planning a steampunk 1/2 bath. Would love to see any photos of your work to help inspire us.


  2. Hi, Scott! Sorry I havent commented back to you. I really do need to get on putting up some pictures of the steampunk bath. Basically, we painted it purple, and used oil rubbed bronze fixtures everywhere. Even went so far as to put a copper rod in for the shower curtain. We snagged some stuff from various antique places (like a small shelf for under the mirror) and basically, that’s it. Good luck with your bath!


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