AB, World Traveler Extraordinaire!

Thats what my husband called me on his FB status… minus the extraordinaire.  I added that part.  I’m also a DVD labeler extraordinaire.  And the Baroness von Dumbface.  But that’s besides the point.

I work for the biggest bunch of introverts, EVAR!  You think your co-workers are shy?  Huh.  Doubt it.  As such, anything you volunteer for, you almost always get.  Folks around here also don’t like to do much traveling.  So if you volunteer for travel, you’re gone.

I volunteered for travel on a whim.  Remember, I started this job, oh, a month and a half ago, ish.  I figure, pff… they’re not gonna pick me.

Oh yeah they did.

Well, the odds are looking good.  I’m “on the calendar” for the trip and I was put in for a government credit card.  My boss was all, “Do you have one?” and I’m all, “I don’t want one!” and he’s all, “You’re gonna need one.”  I’m also, probably, gonna need a suit.  Or two.  Or something.  I don’t think they’ll want me wearing jeans and a “Fuck You.” shirt.  (As a side note… I don’t really own a “Fuck You.” shirt.  I’d like a “Fuck You.” shirt, though, if you have one laying around somewhere.  I’d wear it, easily.  Maybe to something fancy… something family oriented.  My mom would probably choke for a hot minute, and then make me wear a sweater.  But it’d be awesome for all of 5 minutes!) So, I’m probably gonna have to go shopping this weekend.

I also think this is a cool thing.  Sure, I’ll be away from my dear sweet husband for a week, but I’ll travel somewhere.  Do you people know how hard it is for someone who was raised to move every 3 years to stay put?  I’m antsy!  And while I can’t make a big move anytime soonish (M is gonna be applying for a Ph.D soon!!), I know that I absolutely have to get out of this country for a while.  Hell, even a different state in the same country would be better than staying in Virginia for ever and ever and ever.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Virginia.  I do.  I still have to get used to the new area I moved to… but in reality, all of Northern Virginia is one giant city. In fact, I’d even be so bold as to say that the entire DC metro area, to include selective parts of *shudder* Maryland, is one giant effing city.  And I am sick of it.

I’m ready for a change.  I’d love to go to another country… this one is getting old.  But I’d be just as happy with a move elsewhere.  I’m not built for sitting in one place, at least not yet.

When I was younger all I wanted to do was find a nice smallish town thing in the middle of absolutely nowhere and sit for ever and ever and ever and never move again.  Ha.  Not so much.  I was in Charlottesville for 4 years.  That is the longest I have ever lived anywhere… in my entire life.  Ever.  No joke.  And even then, when I lived there, I moved apartments every year!  Then we moved to Richmond, Fredericksburg, and then NoVa.  We’ve lived up here for… I guess 3 years, now.  Ish.  2.5ish.  Whatever.


I don’t know.  I think I just need a few years away from this country to properly appreciate it better.  Politics, which I really hate to talk about in a one on one setting with actual human beings, is starting to be a drag.  Traffic, people, helicopter parents, suburbia, religion… blah blah blah.  Of course, I love my country and I love our government… I mean, hell, I work for them, I just don’t like a fair number of the people of my country.

And then, again, yeah… I was raised moving every 3 years.  You get there, you see what there is to see, and you move on.  I’ve seen what there is to see in Virginia.  At least, enough to say I’ve seen it.  And I’ve seen a lot.  I think the only region I really don’t know is that whole spot in the southern middle.  I know the left, the right, the top.  I’ve made my way to the bottomest on both sides.  I’ve done C-ville and the normal Piedmont.  I’ve done the tidal area and the breaks at Richmond.  But seriously.  I’m ready to move on.


Wait… what was this originally about?

Oh yeah… I need a suit.

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