The Asylum Street Spankers


M surprised me a few months ago with tix to go see the Asylum Street Spankers.  What?  Never heard of them?  GO CHECK THEM OUT!  No joke.

This band is hilarious.  Listening to their music always cheers me up if I’m feeling stressed or crunched.  Its great to sing along to, and beyond their comedic exterior, actually make you think with some of their less popular songs.  We’re gonna go catch them tonight and I’m gonna bring my camera and attempt to take non-blurry pictures.  No promises, though.

The first time I saw them was back in college.  We caught them at the Gravity Lounge… which is no longer the Gravity Lounge.  Its something else now.  Anyway, we didnt think that anyone else knew who they were, so we got there a little on the “not early” side of things, and ended up sitting in the boonies.  Lots of old people.  Wtf?  This time we’re getting their an hour plus early.

The first time I heard them was in the middle of… uhh… the middle of the country, driving north to Chicago.  We caught The Scrotum Song on some random radio station and loved every minute of it.  Between gasping for breath while laughing as hard as we ever have, ever, and trying to drive on a very dark road, we caught the name of the band and downloaded the song when we got to an internet connection.  Awesome stuff.

Anyway.  That’s my night, tonight.  I’ll catch ya’lls tomorrow!


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