“God Drives a VW Thing.”

So, the show was good.  Didnt piss off Wammo, this time.  Had tons of fun, and got back home pretty late.  Especially considering the fact that I wake up at 4:40am.  As a friend who just had a baby wrote, the other day… “Sleep is overrated.”  Yeah.  At least it’s Friday and I dont have to look too respectable, today.  In fact, the fact that I’m wearing clothes that dont smell is probably a 300% improvement from some of the people who work here.

Ahh, this isnt a post about bitching about my co-workers.

So, yeah.  Last night was fun.  One thing that pissed me off, though, was that the band disappeared for a 45 minute intermission.  45 minutes?  Really?  You dont need it to be that long.  Especially since some people have work in the morning.

But the fact that Christina Mars sang my most favoritest Spanker song EVAR makes it all worth-while.

And then I woke up to snow.

At least traffic wasnt bad.  I got here a little late because I didnt take the side roads in Maryland like I usually do, but things werent too bad.  I did slip and slide out of my housing community, fun shit.  But the highways and main roads were just wet.  No ice.  Nothing like the Great Festivus Snowicane of ’09.  Kid’s play.  What’s 3/4 of an inch when we’ve dealt with 20+ inches?  Pff.

Today is M’s last day with BAE.  Its been a long time coming.  He’s going to be taking over my previous job with ABCD (Side Note: the smart money is on the person who reads this regularly and realizes that I already outted my previous employer’s name, and this ABCD shit is just me being lazy…).  This means that we’ll be driving in together and able to actually see eachother during the day instead of our epic email chains and instant messages of communication.  It also means that, once again, I will be traveling into DC with him at the end of various days of the week for his classes.  This also means one very important thing… more pictures! I will be taking more pictures in the next coming weeks and that only can spell good things for you, my regular readers.

Speaking of which… do I have regular readers?  Like… really?  Can I encourage the 2 of you to drop a comment every once in a while?  Just so I know you’re still alive?  You can never been too sure.  And I gotta look out for you two, you know?

Anywhoo… here’s to the weekend.

Wait, what am I doing this weekend?

Oh yeah.  I need to buy a suit.  Or something.

The Spanker's Instruments, taken with my camera phone.


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