DC Big Flea FTW!

On a random whim, M and I went to the DC Big Flea Antique show, on Sunday.  It was free admission for people under 30.  Weird, but whatever.  We went and had a pretty good time.  I came away with three old cameras, which I want to learn how to use.  One is an early model brownie, one is an Argus and the other is Kodak Retina I.  The brownie I cant crack open to use… yet.  But the other two should be able to hold film and still take a shot.  We’ll see.

We also picked up two pieces of awesomeness for the Steampunk Bathroom.  We originally went to go find a ton of old crapped out clocked so we could put them on the walls, but didnt find any that didnt cost $200+.  But we did manage upon Olde Good Things.  The perfect place to find the stuff we need to finish up the bath.  I picked up a refinished ceiling tile from an old building (we put it on the wall as art) and we also found this awesome hook rack with electric gauges screwed on.  Perfect!

We took their card, and the lady said that they’re usually at the Eastern Market on Sundays.  We will definitely be picking up more stuff.

In other news, the aforementioned Steampunk Bathroom is almost done.  We were trying to put on the door handles when M stripped the nail (its a screw, but to say “nail” irritates him to no end… its funny!) and had to pull it out with the pliers.  He then stuck in another nail (teehee) and that, too, ended up getting stuck and stripped.  Only this time, when he tried to pull it out with the pliers, it broke off.  So now there’s this tiny shiny thing stuck in the inside of the cabinet doors.  Whoops.  We’re gonna hit up The Sears By The House and get implements of nail extraction later.  Plus, probably, a drill bit.  And longer nails.

Yep.  That’s mostly all I have to mention.  Today M started his new job at ABCD and tomorrow will get badge and then Wednesday he should be here with me.  Today he drove me in since this is also his first day of classes for this semester and I wanted to go with him to take pictures.  So, look for those, tonight.  🙂


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