Ooooahhh. Oooooaaaaahhhh!!!!

“Wow, that sounds like a dying giraffe… ”

+50 to the person who knows where that’s from…

Last night was M’s first day of his last semester for his masters in… uh.  Wait.  I have it written down.  Um.  Public Policy with a concentration in Philosophy and Social Policy.  Yeah.  He’s promised me an easier program name for the next one.  “You’re husband’s in graduate school?  What’s he studying?”  “Um… hold please.”  And then I go rummaging through my purse to find the hot pink sticky note that I wrote it on.

Anyway, yeah.  I was downtown an and holy crap was it cold.  I’m looking forward to the temp warming up tonight and tomorrow.  I tried not to stray too far from GW since, apparently, Foggy Bottom’s been getting sketch.  I roamed around taking shots of cars and tail lights.  I don’t have a tripod, so I had to find flat/stable surfaces to rest the camera on while I took 30 second long exposures.  But the resulting images came out very nice.

And then I made it to the building that M was in, and took the elevator to the top to shoot the stairwell.  Its a bit blurry because I was freehanding it, but then I started zooming at the same time and it got trippy.  Nice shots, I think.

Tonight I’m gonna try to make it to the White House before I lose my light.  I don’t think it’ll work out, though.  And now I’m pissed because I didn’t bring my second lens.  Ol well.  Maybe Ill just trek over to a Penn Camera and buy a tripod.  I need one, and I’m not gonna buy it on Amazon without trying it out, first.

Oh, did you know that Sony sells a remote control for my camera?  That would be hawt… but I guess slightly unnecessary.  I mean, I understand why you’d want one so that you could eliminate camera shake during long exposures, but I could do that with a shutter release button, too.  Right?  Hmm.  That remote would be really sweet.

Anyway, enjoy one of my latest shots.  It feels good to be shooting again!

I love the smudgeworthyness.


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