Friday Is Gonna Be Interesting…


Friday is the March for Life.  Yesterday I went around the house getting my bag ready, knowing that if I left it to Thursday, I’d be running around not able to find anything.  My NPPA id is ready, and my extra battery is charging.  I have all the essentials in my bag, and have a game plan worked out with M with regards to work.

I’m contemplating bringing my laptop so I can process and upload the pics at the site or right after the event, without having to trudge home and do it there.  But my laptop is heavy, and its gonna be a long enough day without 12 extra lbs in my sack.  Sooo… the jury’s still out on that one.

I’m also worried about my mouth.

Last time, I actually smarted off.  I mean, no one heard me, but I was definitely feeling bitchy about the whole thing.  You can only regret the first 3 abortions (out of 5) before you start to sound like a stupid whore who’s never heard of a condom, and even that is pushing it.

Mm… I need to keep my mouth shut.

Anyway, its supposed to be rainyish/snowyish on Friday.  Just what I need.  A bunch of giant posters of disembodied babies while I’m kneeling in the cold wet slush.  Sounds like fun.  Oo, another reason to not bring my laptop.

This past weekend M and I went to C-ville and chillaxed.  We also went to Woolen Mills, a section of Charlottesville that is mostly forgotten.  I’d always wanted to investigate the crumbling smoke stack that you can see from 64, and Sunday we actually did.  While we didnt get to the really big one on the other side of the creek that feeds into the Rivanna, we did hit up the smaller one next to the train tracks, and got some awesome urban decay shots, as well.

In the summer, I’m totally swimming across and investigating the bigger factory, as well as trespassing into the smaller one.  I couldnt the other day because it was drizzly and I wouldnt have been able to climb back down from the hill that takes you behind the factory.  Its kinda steep.

Anyway, enjoy the shots!

Old rail tracks


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