Specifically, the growl that Cady Harron makes at Regina George in Mean Girls as she tackles her to the ground.

You remember how less than a year ago I bought that new mac?  Great, good for you, because I had to look it up.  Anyway, I finally got around to updating it last night, since I wanted to access the free digitial copy that Star Trek comes with for my iPod.  I’m working out at work, now and I like to watch movies instead of listening to music.  Anyway.  Right.  So I update it with all the juicy updates that it needs.

And it craps out.

Like, it wont ever actually load the main screen.

It boots and boots and boots and boots and then, 1 time out of 290, it’ll show the screen, but you cant do anything with it, and my background is completely missing.

Not.  Cool.

Especially not cool with the March coming up on Friday.

Which makes me wonder… why the hell is it that my computers crap out right before important photographic things?  I mean, srsly?  You cant pick any other time to have a hissy fit?

I’m not good with electronics.  They break on me at an astonishing rate.  Maybe because I “love them too much”.  Example.  When I was a little kid I had a cd player.  Everyone did.  I went through 4 of them before my dad got me one of those uber shock absorbant waterproof types that you can throw from a building and it wont skip a beat.  I was hot shit.  😉

Anyway, we’re gonna hit up a genius bar later on today, to try and see if they can revive my little girl.  Its not a big deal if they have to wipe it, since I back up all of my pictures onto Flickr.  The only things I’d lose are some blurry family pictures that I dont have to heart to delete.  Hmm.  And some iTunes songs.  But I can get those back, generally.  iTunes has a memory of whatcha download.

So, that’s my afternoon.  Fun.


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