I Got Mah Baby Back (Ribs & Computer)

So, Apple called and I have my computer back.  Yaay!  Her lobotomy didnt cost me a penny.  And she even came with Snow Leopard.  Everything on the hard drive was wiped since I have a brand new one, but thankfully, every single one of my pictures gets uploaded to flickr.  Woot.

Oh, right.  Yeah.  I was supposed to go downtown and take pictures of the anti-abortionfest.  Yeah.  What with all the snow and rain and slush falling from the sky, I decided against it.  Smart move.  It was pretty soggy.

Anywho.  Tomorrow we’re gonna have some ribs.  I’ve been wanting them for a long long time, and M picked up two racks for tomorrow’s scarfing.  I also picked up some implements of cole slaw-ization.  We’ll see how that turns out.  Tomorrow is gonna be awesome.

In a week I’m gonna be headed to Kansas.  Its for a whole week, and lately I’ve been feeling like I just dont feel like it.  Lol.  But I’m sure it’ll all be cool.  Right?  Right.

Anywho.  That’s all the news for today.  Ok, not really, but I’m gonna hold off on the really good news for a little bit.  I’ve been bitten before, and I learned my lesson the hard way.

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