I Got “You Betcha”-ed!

So I had to call up Kansas and speak to the hotel dudes about my upcoming stay.  Dude was really nice, and in the end, I got “you betcha”-ed!  I didnt even know they said “you betcha” in Kansas!  I always thought it was a Minnesota thing.  Or Wisconsin thing.

Speaking of random states… I ended up spending a good minute and a half trying to figure out where Cincinnati was.  Its in Ohio.  Yeah.  M makes fun of me, but its not my fault I dont know where states are, or which cities belong where.  I was raised in Europe and South America and Egypt and Korea.  My geography consisted of where Pango Pango is, not which state has… … … see?  I cant even think of a random American city!  I need one of those block puzzles with the states on it that you have to put together.  The kind that little children have.  I need that.

Flying to the middle is gonna be fun.  The work I’m gonna do once I get there, I think, is a little out of my league.  I’ve been trying to ignore it as best as I can, but I seriously dont know how to use some of these extension.  I can make a map… but I dont know how to do much else besides that.  Hopefully no one notices.

I dunno.  Can I blend in?

Nah.  I didnt think so either.

So, Saturday I fly out.  Here’s to an interesting trip.  Hope its stress free.


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