“We’re On A Mission From God.”

Yesterday I ventured to the mall (*gasp*) to buy clothes.

Not just any clothes… but dressy clothes.

They’re for my often mentioned trip to Kansas.  My mission, which I had to choose to accept, was for me to find decent clothes so as not to embarrass my employer.  I found a kick ass pair of pin stripe pants (which M was kind enough to tell me were too long on me) and two button up shirts.

Yaaay for new clothes.  Boo for those clothes being dressy.

Its not that I dont like dressing up; I’ll rock the ball gown dress type thing for the important social occasions.  Its more like, I dont feel comfortable in those clothes.  I feel like I’m lying to people.  I’m so much more comfy and able to do my job when I dont have my shirt riding up my back every 5 minutes.  Dressy clothes are constricting, are made out of itchy, stiff fabric, and sit weirdly on your body.

I’m so much more relaxed in a pair of dark jeans, a “decent” top, and a hoodie for warmth.


In the summer, I wear a pair of dark jeans (or capri’s), a “decent top”, and sandals.


I still look more put together and professional than some of the people I see walking around here.

I just dont feel like playing the game, ya know?  The dog and pony show, where you have to wear a suit and bad shoes to impress someone.  I’d rather they know me for me, and let me skip the week and a half of trying to impress them through clothes.  Thats so effing superficial.

I think ya’lls know where I’m coming from, right?  Anyone out there agree with me?

Anyway.  This is only for a week.  I can do that.

I can.


Ew... a tie.


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