Welcome To My Igloo

I havent been to work since Thursday.  The 28th.  I probably wont have work tomorrow because we have to dig out of this new storm.  I probably wont go to work until the day after tomorrow.  And then I have the day off on Friday.  And then Monday is a holiday.

I’m never going to work, again.


I actually got to get out, yesterday.  And I have a doctor’s appointment, today… just as the new snow is supposed to start falling.  Life is interesting.

And ya know?  We probably wont see snowfall like this, again, for another 7 years.  That appears to be the cycle for DC.  And hopefully I wont be in DC in 7 years.  I’ll be in England.

Anyway.  I’m going fucking stir crazy.  Sure, I went outside yesterday, but that’s not enough.  Especially not when I spent all of last week going from a hotel to a building back to the hotel back to the building.  Boring!  Ugh.

I cant wait for spring.  I know, I love winter and how cold and snowy it is.  But I am seriously ready for spring.  I’m gonna take so many pictures of flowers!  Its gonna be great!  Gonna go to Monticello and the Botanical Gardens and the Cherry Blossoms.  Ooo.  Cant wait!  🙂

So.  Yeah.  Welcome to my igloo.  *sigh*


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