I’m Not Even Supposed To Be Here, Today!


Finally got back to work.

On my scheduled day off.

Why am I here?  Because M is here… and I needed to get out of the house.  I figure, why the hell not?  I’m just banking comp time at this point.  In addition to the oodles of comp time I banked during my trip to Kansasland.

So, here I am.  At work.  Not many people here.  Mostly just contractors and other undesirables.  (I kid, I kid!)  There are giant snow mountains in the parking lot.  There are little snow trenches to lead people across the street for lunch, or the random hair cut.

Speaking of hair cuts… I need one.  Yeah.  I havent had a hair cut since… um.  A long effing time ago.  So, I might do that, today.

I’m probably not supposed to be here.

I did my timesheet, and I have 110 hours for the past two weeks.


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