Fuck ‘Em

Warning… the following blog post is rife with extremely controversial ideas and me ranting and raving about how antiquated religion is. Not for the faint of heart.

And I dont want to hear you bitching, either… I gave fair warning, damnit.

In today’s episode, we take a look at two separate religious incidents.  One involving a woman who is probably going to die because she was, at one point, a Jehovah’s Witness, and one involving the Catholic church not “feeling like” recognizing marriages that are based on love and acceptance.

Now, we both know that I have a somewhat tempestuous relationship with religion.

But the first story, with the lady with the lung disease… the first thing that came out of my mouth while reading it was, “fuck her.”  And yeah, ok, that seems kind of harsh seeing as how the lady is probably going to die from a painful and preventable illness.  But seriously?  She brought this upon herself.  People the world across came to her aid to pay for a very costly transplant.  Insurance companies were won over, charities and benevolent societies came to her aid, and her husband spent years trying to save his wife.  And what does she do, right at the end of it all?  She says no.  No, my God wont allow it.

Bull.  Shit.

Eventually, she wizened up to the fact that she will certainly die without this treatment, but it looks like its a little too late.  And ya know?  Seriously?  Fuck her.  The world cannot go forward with people sticking to their little individual myths.  Science is a fact.  Religion is a story.  If folks would rather die, holding onto an antiquated theory, than save themselves with scientific achievements, then let them.  I don’t care how much better it makes them feel.  The world is better off without their crazy.

Now on to DC.  I wrote a while ago about how the Archdiocese of DC said that if the council passed legislation recognizing same-sex marriage, they would cease all their Catholic charities within the city.  Well, they’re making good on their flimsy threat.  Their argument is simple.

“From our point of view, it’s important that we don’t in any way compromise our religious teaching.”

Uhh… ok.  But, what if your religious teachings are wrong?  I mean, like, wrong.  I know its hard for the Catholic church to own up to any kind of wrong-ness, but in this case, they are wrong.  They were wrong when they said that the Universe revolved around the Earth (although, yeah, lots of ‘scientists’ went with it, they knew better and still propagated that falsity).  They were wrong when they ignored the Nazi’s.  They were wrong when they ignored the thousands of pedophile priests who molested children.  Are you telling me that the Catholic church is still infallible?

So.  DC wont be getting any funding from Catholic charities for the city.  They are doing it specifically so that they don’t have to extend benefits to the future legal husbands and wives of the people who work for them.  Although, if you were gay, would you really want to work for an institution which preaches that you are evil and go against nature?  I wouldn’t.

So, fuck the Catholic church.  And fuck that lady who’s dying.  Both cling (or clung) to obsolete ideas and faiths which teach that you, the individual, with personal ideas and independent thought, are not welcome.

Quick Addendum: I’m not saying I’m anti-God.  I’m anti-religion.  Specifically… organized religion.  When you get a bunch of people together and start making rules… thats when shit hits the fan.  And thats where I walk away.  If believing in something makes you happy, go for it.  I’m seriously all for that.  But the second you allow someone else, someone human to dictate what you can and cant do?  Thats when you become a moron.  And thats when you start to suck.


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