I Miss Photography


Like, really.

Today I’m staying home from work because I feel like complete ass, but for a hot second, I forgot that I felt like ass, and thought to myself, “SELF!  Let’s go to the mountains and take pictures!!!!”  Yeah.  No.  #1, its cold.  #2, its not very pretty.  #3, I’m pretty sure it’s still snow covered.  #4, its cold.  And #5, M isnt going to let me go hiking alone, anymore.  So, yeah.

I miss taking pictures.  I miss photography and the thrill of running around and snapping shots.  I could set up something interesting at home, but that’s not where I get my jollies.  I like found stuff.  I like walking.  I like subjects that are alive and dynamic.

I’m also tired, all the time.  So my opportunities suck.

The next big thing is the Cherry Blossom festival, and that’s not till the end of March/beginning of April.  Well, no.  The annual ANSWER march to end the war is on March 2oth.  I really hope it isnt another epic trek from the Lincoln Memorial to the Pentagon.  I dont think I can handle that, again.  I’ll take the metro and meet you guys there, how about that?  Lol.

I wish we could take a trip somewhere warm.  That would be awesome.  Someplace with flowers.  But right now, on the East Coast, nowhere has flowers.  Or warm weather.  Its all wet and cold.  Thanks, winter.

Last Year's March on the Pentagon


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