Hmm, That’s A Good Idea!

Today is the first day that gay folks in DC can apply for a marriage license.  That is awesome!  Really.  It is.  There is no reason why two people who love each other cannot enjoy the exact same benefits as heterosexual couples.  None.  I am really excited for DC.

I mentioned to a friend that I saw a headline on DCist saying, “Get Gay Married, Get a Cupcake!” He in turn talked about how it’s gonna be pretty lucrative for folks who want to make a few bucks.  And that got me thinking… I could totally market myself as a gay wedding photographer.  I mean, I fall into the same problem as before… I dont have two people who would pretend to get married for me so I can put some pictures on my website saying, “LOOK!  I AM GOOD AT THIS!”  I have a few gay friends here and there… but none are paired up.  Damnit.

But now this really gets me missing photography.

All I wanna do is take pictures.  Pretty ones.  Interesting ones.  Experimental ones.  And I’m so totally not inspired by dreary skies and wet sidewalks.  And dirty snow.

Will someone out there in the DC area let me take pictures of their fake wedding?  Please?  I’ll give you cupcakes?

DCist loves this pic as much as I do.


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