I Miss Charlottesville

Yeah.  Today, I’m missing my “hometown”, Charlottesville.

And not just because Dave Matthews Band is playing on my iPod.

I’ve been missing alot of shit, lately, but today I’m feeling particularly nostalgic for college life and, when I remember the slightly crappy bits, Charlottesville in general.

Hmm, a little backstory?  Like, where in the hell is Charlottesville?  Charlottesville, Virginia sits in central Virginia, about an hour west of Richmond and 2 hours south of the DC area.  It’s where Jefferson was raised and built this gorgeous home, Monticello.  (Maybe you’ll recognize the first picture of Monticello on the wiki page?  And the second picture of the Downtown Mall?  😉  I took those almost 2 years ago!)  Charlottesville is also home to my alma mater, The University of Virginia.

Why did I pick UVa?  Uh.  Well, it was the cheapest, being an in state tuition.  And among my cheap options, it was the best education.  I also got into Wellesley, Smith, GMU (where M is most likely going to be starting his PhD from in the fall), University of Delaware (I dont remember why I applied there…), and I think there was another somewhere in there that I cant remember.  In short, I got in everywhere I applied to.  I hear that’s not a common thing.  I wouldnt know.

I got the acceptance email late one random night as I sat in my room in Cairo.  Yeah.  I screamed and woke up the house.  Scared the hell out of the parents.  But they were excited.

I met my husband in Charlottesville.  I met my maid of honor in Charlottesville.  I got married in Charlottesville.  Charlottesville is the one place in the world that I’ve lived the longest… although Northern Virginia is starting to creep up on that milestone.

Charlottesville is beautiful, is clean, is mountainous, is green, is old, is new, has great food, has pretty good people, and is just… my haven.  Granted, none of it’s residents can drive.  And some of the inhabitants are a little… strange.  But overall, this is the best place in the world.  Hands down.

I could get a job down there, if I really wanted to.  Really, I could.  Its not that hard.  Apparently, no one wants to move to Charlottesville.  I’d move there.  But we have a house in NoVa, and my husband is going to be getting a PhD.  And I promised to give this place 5 years.

But what would be my dream?

Move to C-ville, buy a farm or something.  Hubby can, like, teach at UVA with his newly minted PhD.  I could photograph for a living and do something that I really enjoy.  Dunno if I’d really want to give up the extra income of working for the government.  And the insurance.  We’d work that out.  Dunno.

Living in Charlottesville is a whole hell of a lot cheaper than living in the DC area.  My house cost 305k.  For that amount in Charlottesville, we could live on at least an acre and have a single family house with 5 bedrooms.  And a gourmet kitchen.  And a garage.  And all sorts of crap that we really dont need, but could afford.  But then again, can you really afford a 2k mortgage on an average Charlottesville salary?  Not so much.  I might keep my job.

Anyway, yes.  Charlottesville.  I miss Charlottesville.  Spudnuts and Bodos and the library and the flowers and Michie Tavern (which we’d go to every once in a while when we were craving awesome chicken).  Mostly I miss the mountains and the beautiful scenery.  Bored?  Wanna go for a drive?  Get lost for a bit?  Awesome.  You could just pick a road and blow half a day just going into the crevasses of the Piedmont.  Good times.

I cant wait for the weather to get better.  I’m gonna go picking apples and eat chicken and photograph flowers on Monticello to my heart’s content.

The Rotunda at UVA


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