Saturday! Saaaturday! Saturday. Saturday. Saaaturday.

Wow… you type that enough and it seems to lose it’s meaning and you start to wonder if you know how to spell at all.

But that probably goes for any number of words in any language.  I could spell cheese alot and get the same effect.

I wont, though.

So, yeah.  Saturday is the annual ANSWER march to end the war.   (Side note… I find it interesting that that redirect website is blocked by my IT people.)  This year they’re not marching to the pentagon, or Capital Hill, or anything like that.  This year its a jaunt around town, hitting up a few hotels, a couple military industrial edifices, and then coming back to the White House.  I’m probably gonna be there for the rally, and then wait for them to come back.  My ass is gonna be tired, and its fixing to be pretty steamy, that day.  I’d rather not pass out at Lafayette Park.  Thank you.

I’m super excited since I totally miss photographizing.  I had a dream the other night that I took effing beautiful photos of some flowers.  They even impressed me!  And I usually cant impress myself.  I’m my biggest critic.

I’m thinking since Sunday is looking out to be wet and stormy, I’d go through all my clothes and give some away to charity.  About 70% of the shit I have in my closet I dont wear… #1 because it either doesnt fit, #2 never fit right, #3 is ugly as sin and dont know why the hell I bought it in the first place, or #4 isnt really my style.  I know I have clothes… lots of them.  That I like.  I just cant find any of it!  Move after move after move.  I’ve lost all my awesome clothing.  Its pissing me off.  And at a time in my life where finding something that doesnt ride up my ever burgeoning belly is an epic win of the most important proportions, I could really use some of my awesome old clothes.

Plus, downsizing is always a good idea.

So that’s potentially Sunday.

Monday is a mid morning doctor’s appointment, so I wont be going in to work that day.  I will be going into DC with M, so hopefully I’ll get a full early afternoon to photograph flowers and signs of spring.  Oooo, I’m sooper excited for that!

I’m gonna leave you guys with one of my favorite pictures of around this time last year.  Enjoy!

Taken in early March last year


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