Obligatory Health Care Bill Post


I care.

I really do.

I want people to be able to have the same kind of healthcare that I do (freakishly awesome healthcare!!!).  I remember having that piece of crap MedPlus shit from when I worked with Chugach.  20% copay on everything.  20% on a $10,000 hospital bill sucks.  Hands down.  Wanna go see a specific cardiologist for my pericarditis?  Cant.  Not in network.  And god forbid I get a medical test which would pinpoint why I had a miscarriage 2 years ago.  I had to fight so that I wouldnt have to pay the $190 bill.  I could have paid the bill, dont get me wrong, but I didnt have to.  It was a routine test.  Morons.

So, in short, really… I care.

But I also know that writing letters to congress people and calling our representatives and picketing and attending rallies does nothing.  Maybe I’m jaded?  Maybe I dont care that much?  Maybe.  But after trying hard to get any attention from any number of representatives and senators about any number of serious national issues, and getting email after email of form letters sent back to me, I’ve ceased caring.

The only time that my congressional representative has ever done something awesome for me was when I needed my clearance adjudicated ASAP before I lost my job at USACE.  Ms. Jo Ann Davis of Fredericksburg put in a congressional inquiry into my clearance, and within a week I was able to get a new job and here I am, today.  Unfortunately, that awesome woman died before I was able to fully thank her for what she did for me.  I’ll always be grateful.

The other day I wrote a letter to Mr. Jim Webb asking about H.R.626: Federal Employees Paid Parental Leave Act of 2009. They havent gotten back to me, yet, but I think it’s because someone is actually talking to someone else and asking them my question.  (Where the hell did it go?)

But if you write to your congressional representative about a serious national issue, they will have a form letter already written and formulated months in advance to push out to whoever tries to ask them to vote a certain way.  And it’s demoralizing.  So I’d just assume not participate.

My father wrote to our Virginia congressman Gerry Connolly about the health care bill.  He got back a form letter.  My dad was mad, and wrote back.  He’s not going to get another reply.  That email that was sent back was written, probably, months ago.  And hasnt been updated since.  It is vague on purpose.  It doesnt commit to a vote one way or the other on purpose.  Probably because a few months ago, he didnt know.  He might now, who knows.  He could just be a moron that we’re going to have to vote out next election cycle.

I dont get worked up about politics.  It only ends badly.  It only lets me down.  Its not worth the cardiac acrobatics that accompany trying to get your voice heard among a couple hundred million other folks who want to be heard, too.  I’m content to sit back and watch the chips fall where they may.  And if I dont like how they fall?  I vote them out and starve them of my cash.

Next plz!


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