What a Weekend.


I’m still recovering.

Yesterday CNN contacted me and put up all the stories from the weekend.  That was nice of them.  The story that got the most hits, ironically, had the least photos.  It was the one about the anti-health care reform folks.  Ol well.

You can check out all my stories here.

Nothing much to talk about, really.

M and I are starting a little garden and have some seedlings that are gonna need to be transplanted from their small jiffy pots to larger ones, soon.  Really neat flowers, like climbing vines, and some herbs for an herb garden.  Maybe pick up a few window boxes so I dont have to go off the patio.

We’re gonna build a vegetable/fruit plot soon, too.  M’s gonna get my dad’s help to get some lumber and screws and put something together.  Maybe this weekend.  That’d be nice.

Nothing much else going on.

Love you all!


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