Effing Rain.

Today and tomorrow were supposed to be my days to photograph the cherry blossoms before the thunderous hordes of tourons (tourist + moron) descent upon the Tidal Basin.

Today and tomorrow are a wet, rainy mess.

If I want good photographs without having to elbow someone’s grandmother in the face, I’m gonna have to drive into DC on Thursday.  Or Friday.  I’m gonna be down there on Saturday, anyway.  My parents wanna be part of the tourons and I’m slated to photograph the International Pillow Fight on the Mall at 2.

I hate it when nature doesnt play nice.

Like this past year’s fall colors.  The main peak day in October was cold and foggy.  And when I say foggy I dont mean, “Oo, all the street lamps are fuzzy!”  I mean, “Holy shit!  Was that a deer?  Holy crap!  That’s the edge!!!  Omg, we’re gonna die.  Please dont kill us!!!”  The park ranger was even questioning our sanity with her, “Uhh… yeah.  Visibility is really low.  Like, really low.  Have fun?”

This year my October exploits are gonna be… uh, interesting, with a newborn in the backseat.  If the weather cooperates.

Anywho.  This whole post is really just me preening before throwing up a picture from last year’s cherry blossoms.  Pretend its from this year.

Wait, I think I've used this one, before... but its very pretty!

So foggy I felt like I was in a video game. (Last October)


6 responses to ‘Effing Rain.

  1. Can you tell me how I contact your Complaints Dept please? As someone who likes to visit foreign climes I do not appreciate being branded a ‘Touron’. I find this deeply offensive and wish to make my complaint official.
    As for mother nature, yes, she can be a right old bitch can’t she. At the moment we are still getting “effing” snow and it’s supposed to be Spring as we’ve just put our clocks forward (I want that hour back).
    P.S. Nice pics


  2. Aw, no. You’d probably be a good little tourist. The tourons are the ones who stand in front of the Capitol and tell their children that it’s the White House. Or the ones who ride those moronic Segway tours through the city. We call those tourons on wheels.

    I think the best I heard was someone asking a DCer if they were in Virginia or Maryland. “Uh, you’re in DC.” “Yes, but which state?” “Neither. Its DC.” I walked past and said, “Lost cause, dude. Lost. Cause.”


  3. lol – my good friend (aka Jocky) is definitely one of those ‘Tourons’ then. He toured the US with his fiancee for about 3 months and did loads of those segway tours! – I;’ have to let him know what his new nick0name is.
    I must admit, Geography knowledge of the average American is very poor. I’ve lost count of the amount of Yanks that have said “Scotchland..which part of England is that?” or “Scotchland….isn’t that in England?”. I wouldn’t say to someone from Florida..”So, you’re American, which part of Canada is that?”. You would think these people should know….they are the same people who say “So, your Scottish…I;m half Scotch myself”. Bollocks you are.
    Apologies..I seem to have got into one of my own rants…I’m sure your education was good enough to know that “Scotchland” and England are two separate countries. Please tell me that you do. Any I hate it when I get called “Scotch” – I’m not an effin Whisky..I am ScottISH you ignorant bastards.
    I think i shall refrain from making y earlier complaint now that I have abused your own blog by way of a rant – please accept my humblest of apologies.


  4. Believe it or not, I was not educated by the Fairfax County Public School system for very long. My more formative years were spent at a Catholic school in Belgium run by British nuns. I’d say approx. 75% of the school was anything but American. 1/2 of high school was very lower-denominator American, but at least I had a good foundation. 2nd half was back to a mix of nationalities.

    I had a friend who was Scottish/Egyptian. She was gorgeous! Pale blonde skin, and dark ringlets with ginormous Egyptian eyes. I also had a friend who was Irish… which surprised me, because I had no effing clue until I tried to call the American Embassy when her purse was stolen. “What do you mean, ‘Is she American? Of course she… huh. You arent? Nevermind.'”

    Oh, and my husband has Scottish ancestry… so I’m part you! 😛


  5. Scottish/Egyptian – that’s an unusual ‘mix’. The ‘gorgeous’ part mjst have been from the Egyptian side (we are not known for our stunning women – they tend to be blueish/white in colour, a drained exression and overweight). Wow, that was some generalization wasn’t it!? Coming from me, the Brad Pitt lookalike of course – lol.
    Like your story about the ‘Irish’ friend – guess you weren’t that close then! When she got her purse stolen and shouted “Oi, bejesus, will ye look at them there taking moi purse so they are” – did that not give it away?


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